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Sık sorulan sorular

How do I download the app?

How do I register with the app?

What data do I enter during registration?

What to do if I see few other users?

Why I cannot see the full profile of the user I like, neither can I send him/her a message/present?

What I need to do Check-in?

I do not understand how to Check-in in the app?

Why I do not see and can’t check-in in LOOKMEUP in my flat/summer cottage/back yard, although Foursquare/Swarm sees these places?

How does the "Auto Check-in*" option work?

How much time am I visible on the map? How long does a check-in last?

How do I check-out?

What is the interest (percent) match?

What is service "Under the gun" for?

How do I add more photos?

Is there a "Black list" and how do I add a user to it?

How do I delete user from the "Black list"?

What is the "VIP status"?

How much is the "VIP-status"?

What is the "VIP status" subscription?

Why are my filter settings not saved?

What is swipe button "Free" at the bottom of "Menu" section?

How do I get noticed?

How do I report an error if I find it?

I have not found the answer to my question / problem in FAQ What should I do?