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Privacy Policy of LOOKMEUP

Latest revision date 2016-09-07 (Y-M-D)


Welcome, our dear user of LOOKMEUP, the new-generation dating service, or welcome again, if you were redirected here from the Service Terms page. If you are only just planning to use our service or are using it already, we strongly suggest you acquaint yourself with this Privacy Policy of LOOKMEUP (hereinafter PP LMU), as to use our service efficiently, you will need to submit a quite extensive list of information about yourself to other users, including your location while using the service. Since you are providing us with your personal data, including that not intended for a public access (telephone number, e-mail address and, possibly, some other), we have developed this privacy policy whose purpose is to ensure your highest awareness and protection while using our service.


About us

Sakko-Vantsetti, 20-89,
Korolev, Russia, 141078


Main issues and subjects of the Privacy Policy:

  1. What information we collect and how it happens;
  2. How we use this information and with whom we share it;
  3. How you can get an access to this information and make alterations therein;
  4. How we protect information about you we are keeping;
  5. Miscellaneous.


We adhere to the principles of transparency in the confidentiality matters and strive to make you completely in control of the information, so that you have a maximum control over the information at the disposal of LOOKMEUP Service (hereinafter the Service or LOOKMEUP, or LMU). Therefore, in addition to PP LMU, we have developed other documents that largely complement it. These documents describe what information we collect, how we use it, with whom we share it and what actions regarding your information are available to you:

  • Term of Use of LMU sets forth, in a concise and intelligible form, the terms of LMU use and the information regarding confidentiality on the Service and fundamental principles of the Service development and our decision-making;
  • F.A.Q. presents a list of frequently asked questions, including those concerning confidentiality.

This Privacy Policy sets forth the approach of LOOKMEUP to handling information that identifies a person (“Personal information”) and other data LOOKMEUP collects in the course of you using the Service. You can control the use and disclosure of specific information in our Services as stated below.

IMPORTANT! If you dislike or disagree with the Privacy Policy of LOOKMEUP, please refrain from using our Service.


What personal information does LOOKMEUP collect?

LOOKMEUP observes operative norms of various international legislations implemented in the international law, including, without limitation, Swiss, Spanish, British, European legislation, as well as that of New York state (USA), concerning privacy protection and personal data processing. Some information, indications or contents (photographs and personal information) the Users submit additionally can disclose, at their risk, their racial and ethnic origins, religious and philosophical beliefs, political opinions, affiliation with political parties, trade unions, associations and organizations of a religious, philosophical, political or union nature, and personal data that discloses the users’ health condition and sexual life. By submitting this information at his/her discretion, the User agrees to this data to be processed by LOOKMEUP and assumes a full personal responsibility. 
Moreover, collected personal information (including e-mail address, telephone number, location, text advertisements, the user’s interests and service uses) will be used both to ensure internal communication concerning services LOOKMEUP offers and for business messaging and marketing by LOOKMEUP partners.

Personal information LOOKMEUP collects includes, without limitation, the following: nickname/actual name, age, some physical parameters, e-mail address, telephone number, country, residence city, information about the user’s interests, other information you have chosen to state about yourself, and information on your use of various services and Service capabilities.

Moreover, some information of a non-personal nature can be collected, such as: browser and/or OS version the user employs, IP address of the utilized device, etc. LOOKMEUP can use cookies to save information the User identifies. The user can prevent the cookie use at any time and at his/her own discretion by changing the browser settings in the net (see the relevant section of PP LMU). 
Sending and posting of any information of a personal nature in LOOKMEUP service implies that the User accepts the rules and purposes of its processing and authorization of its use in compliance with this Policy. 
When you register in LOOKMEUP application, the following information is collected: nickname/actual name, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, some physical parameters, and telephone number. If you save any other personal information while registering in your profile or using one of the Service’s functions, LOOKMEUP collects this information as well. 
If a user contacts LOOKMEUP via e-mail, his/her e-mail address and information contained in this message will be stored.

The User is fully responsible for the informational content in his/her profile, including photographs and other content the User downloads, and for the content of messages the User spreads within LOOKMEUP Service. By distributing materials on the Service, the User gives LOOKMEUP a non-exclusive right to reproduce, present, adjust, translate, scan, fully or partially delete this material for any advertising, commercial or other purposes, whether on the actual Service or in the channels related to LMU and/or its operations using any means of communication (primarily digital communication means, such as e-mail, SMS, Internet, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM) and/or means of audio and visual communication (printed media, radio, terrestrial, cable or satellite TV). The User authorizes LOOKMEUP to alter this content in order to observe graphic or marketing requirements of LMU or other abovementioned communications and/or render them compatible with the relevant engineering processes or media formats. The user may not copy, reproduce or otherwise use content that concerns other Users, except for the instances of direct necessity while using LMU Services for personal and private purposes. 
It is prohibited to otherwise distribute any content whose substance may violate the intellectual property rights of third parties on the Service or within LOOKMEUP services.

Personal data shall be processed solely in the e-format and managed through the e-identification system. The users’ information is stored in a protected database and may be accessible solely to the responsible persons of LMU and in an instance of a strong necessity.
Personal information the User submits upon registration, if not an open part of his/her profile, shall not be available to any third parties, shall not be transferred, sold or exchanged, except for the instances listed below and provided he/she is informed in advance through this Privacy Policy LOOKMEUP, among other means. 
By undergoing a registration on the Service, the User thereby agrees that his/her personal data may be disclosed to LOOKMEUP partners for commercial or marketing purposes.

In addition, LOOKMEUP may sometimes anonymously communicate general social and demographic information to some partners for statistical and/or advertising purposes (age category, gender and similar). In such instances, no information that enables to detect individual users is communicated.
Information the User states in the advertisements, search criteria and profile may be distributed via LOOKMEUP or by LOOKMEUP partners, via a newsletter, other websites, and any other e-communication channel (e-mail, SMS, etc.), or via audio and visual channels (radio, TV, etc.) or in the printed media (magazines, newspapers, etc.). At the same time, the part of information that is very likely to harm the user if distributed shall not be distributed.

In all matters of the intellectual property regarding the materials, we refer to the relevant section of Term of Use (“Copyright and intellectual property”). The User may demand the Service administration to remove materials from LOOKMEUP at any time, thus terminating his/her contract with LOOKMEUP. For more details, see sections “Can I deactivate or delete my Profile?” and “How is information deleted from my user account?”. 
LMU collects information and data by various means and ways. Some of the personal information is collected as you register on the Service. Other is collected when you employ LMU services and participate in any other program that allows you to use services and participate in various initiatives of LMU. This information enables us to adjust the Service to a User’s needs and send him/her information, offers, promotional messages regarding goods and services that are very likely to interest him/her. By using the Service, the User demonstrates that he/she is interested. The User can withdraw his/her consent at any time by changing his/her personal parameters in LOOKMEUP Service. 
At any time, the User can send a personal message to the Support regarding any matters that are of interest to him/her. The User is entitled to demand the Owner to annul (to destroy beyond recovery) his/her personal data or to prohibit its use in a non-anonymous form. 
The User may protest, in general or partly, against the use of his/her personal data that concern him/her, either for a market research or for communications of a commercial nature.

When you use the Services, we automatically know your location. To determine a location, we use various technologies, such as geolocation services of a relevant OS or a browser, or the data from your device’s sensors that may for instance, include information on the Wi-Fi access points and nearby cell towers. The personal information you submit enables us, in particular, to set the user’s account and profile that can be utilized to interact with other users via the Service, helps us to improve the Service content, choose the most unobtrusive advertisements (including commercials or content of LOOKMEUP and third parties) and special offers and new features we send you. Your user account on the Service will be connected with your e-mail (and probably telephone number) and will be used for all our Services you employ. We can also use your personal information to enhance the services rendered to you, to assess the efficiency of our net and Services and to develop new tools for our community.

Children and teenagers under 17: the Service is not intended for children and teenagers under 17.

Information that is collected automatically: in the course of you using LOOKMEUP, the Service automatically receives information from the mobile platform and registers it in our logbooks. It includes such data as your location, IP address and information out of cookie files and information about your Service usage and data regarding webpages you have requested.


What information does LOOKMEUP collect about me, if I am not 17 yet?

You can join LOOKMEUP only if you have turned 17. It means that LOOKMEUP does not intentionally collect any information about persons under 17. We neither engage nor encourage our services to be used by persons that are not 17 years old yet. If you are under 17, please, do not submit any information about yourself to us and do not use our Service. If we become aware that someone aged under 17 has registered in our service and has provided personal information, we will take measures to discontinue the registration of this user and delete his/her Profile and any relevant information from LOOKMEUP. If we delete the profile because you have violated our regulation on the minimal permissible age (17), we may save your e-mail address and IP address to ensure that you do not attempt to circumvent our regulations by creating a new profile.


What does LOOKMEUP do with the information I leave?

At LOOKMEUP, you can easily make new acquaintances, communicate with other users and tell about yourself. While using the Application, you must keep in mind that any published information will be publicly available as user Applications. You can also use our chat that allows communicating with other users. We recommend and urge you (and all our users) to consider the information about them they disclose. Please read carefully our Safety guidelines. We do not recommend specifying e-mail addresses, URL addresses, messenger data, telephone numbers, full names, actual addresses, credit card data, national IDs, driver’s license information and other confidential information in your profile that is open for misuse and misapplication.

Please be careful when posting valuable information about yourself in your profile, such as your religious confession and health data. Although you can willingly render this information to us while creating your profile, including your sexual preferences and ethnical origins, there is no requirement to do so. Please remember that photographs you post at LOOKMEUP can disclose these types of delicate personal information. If you state or download delicate information about yourself, you agree by doing so to have this information processed and made publicly available to other users.

By publishing information about yourself or using the chat, you share your personal information at your own risk. If you post something that is at variance with our Term of Use, we reserve the right to cancel your user account.


Can LOOKMEUP collect information about me from other websites I use, such as Facebook?

Remember that, as you register in a partner website, you also submit your personal information there, so we recommend you to read their Privacy Policy, as LOOKMEUP cannot control the way they use this information.

If you are registered on Facebook or have verified your LOOKMEUP profile through Facebook, we will connect your LOOKMEUP profile with your user account on Facebook. It can be done through new products and applications we sometimes generate, including products our fellow companies provide.

If you have created a user account at LOOKMEUP through a partner website but do not want to connect your LOOKMEUP profile with your user account on the partner website, LOOKMEUP cannot change these parameters. You can prohibit the access for LOOKMEUP application in the settings of your account on the partner website.

IMPORTANT! We never publish any information about your LMU profile and the fact that you are registered on any of the partner websites (Facebook, VK or others).


Does LOOKMEUP collect any other personal information about me?

If you contact our support department from the Feedback page, we will obtain your e-mail address and the information you send us and will be able to track your IP address to help solving your problem. We will keep a record of our correspondence with you, including any complaints we receive from you regarding other users (and those we receive from other users regarding you).


What do other users see when I post information about myself on LOOKMEUP?

For you to meet as many people as possible on LOOKMEUP, other users can see your user name and any information you post in your profile, including photographs you post in public albums. Any information you decide to provide should reflect what you want other LOOKMEUP users to know about you. To screen yourself from the attention of unwanted users, please utilize “Block list” feature.


What can I do with other users’ information?

Use it to meet new people and make new acquaintances! Remember that other users’ information may not be used for commercial purposes or spamming; harassing or threatening other users is prohibited. LOOKMEUP reserves the right to block/delete (suspend the service rendering) the user account at any time for an illegal use of other users’ data or any other violation of our Service Terms.


What information does LOOKMEUP collect about my friends and contacts?

You can invite your friends to join LOOKMEUP, so that they can meet new people too. You can also find your friends that have already registered on LOOKMEUP by using the e-mail search. If you want to invite your friends and acquaintances to join LOOKMEUP, we can send them an invitation on your behalf via e-mail or SMS (if you are using an Android or iOS application). If a person invited does not register within a few days after having been invited, we can send him/her a reminder of your invitation. You can invite all or only some of your friends, but please remember that the minimal age on LOOKMEUP is 17.

When you import your contacts, we save the name and e-mail address or a mobile number to be able to connect you and your acquaintance automatically. LOOKMEUP never sells these e-mail addresses or mobile numbers and never uses them to send any other messages, except for the invitations. Your acquaintance can contact LOOKMEUP and demand his/her information to be deleted from our database by visiting our Feedback page.


Will LOOKMEUP send me anything else?

In the settings of your LOOKMEUP profile, you can select whether to receive notifications from us regarding new messages and other notifications concerning the website usage or not.


How is my personal data used?

The personal information about users is an integral part of our business. We use your information to render the Service to you in line with the information set forth in this Privacy Policy. We never sell your personal information and never provide it to anyone for fee-based use, however, as this Privacy Policy describes in greater detail, including the section below (“Publicly accessible information and applications”), specific anonymized data is available to third parties (see Term of Use).                           

Suppliers and contractors: we hire suppliers and individuals, such as independent suppliers and contractors, to perform works on our behalf and we need to provide them with your information so that they can perform this work. We do not allow the suppliers and contractors using your information for their own purposes and demand them to provide a proper protection of your personal information.


Where is my personal information stored?

LOOKMEUP is a global website that functions implementing servers located in a number of countries worldwide, including the USA and Europe. If you live in a country where data protection laws exist, the protection level of your personal data may be at variance with the protection level required by the laws in your residence country. By submitting personal information, updating the application and using services available on LOOKMEUP, you agree to transfer your personal information and to have your personal data stored and processed in any such countries in line with this Privacy Policy Term of Use of LOOKMEUP.


How does LOOKMEUP protect my information?

LOOKMEUP takes reasonable and necessary safety measures to protect and prevent any loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control, including your personal information. LOOKMEUP employs reasonable safety measures to protect confidentiality of your personal information, for instance, by protecting the server with firewalls. Our engineering specialists continuously work to ensure that LOOKMEUP remains safe and protected.

For the purposes of safety and confidentiality, you can use a password to protect your Personal information within the scope of the user account on LOOKMEUP. To prevent an unauthorized access to your user account and Personal information, we advise you to invent a strong password and take due care to protect it and restrict the access to your PC or browser by logging off once done with the access to your user account.

The Service may contain links to other websites. LOOKMEUP is not responsible for the Privacy Policies and/or regulations on other websites. When following a link to another website, you must familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy of that particular site. This Privacy Policy applies solely to the information obtained on LOOKMEUP Service.

We take reasonable precautions against possible security violations of our application, website and user databases. Nevertheless, no application, website or data communication via Internet can be fully safe and we cannot guarantee that no unauthorized access, hacking, data loss or any other violations will ever occur. We cannot guarantee the safety of your personal data when they are communicated to our website, therefore any transmission takes place at your own risk. As soon as we receive your information, we have safety features that help to prevent an unauthorized access.


Location determination and disclosure

Determination of your location. LOOKMEUP Service is closely linked to geolocation, so in order to function properly, our application needs to know where you are. When you start or use our application on your mobile device, the geolocation data (such as longitude and latitude) received from your device or browser enable us to provide the Service with information regarding your location (i.e. to show you a list of nearby facilities, other users and prompts). Moreover, to render services (particularly, for the purpose of sending your notifications and prompts, other users, interesting events in your vicinity, etc.), the Service uses the location of your mobile device. If you have turned on the “background location” feature (background transmission of the location), LOOKMEUP application will inform us from time to time about your device’s location, even if you are not directly interacting with the application.

Location disclosure through LOOKMEUP application. Information about your location becomes known to other users after you decide to check in LOOKMEUP application and notify the Service that you are in a specific place or if you have turned on the “Automatic check-in” feature. If using this feature, the performance of our Service is enhanced by several times.

The transmission of data regarding your location (local transmission) is on by default and your location data is conveyed to other LOOKMEUP users and are updated in the background every now and again. You can turn the automatic check-in feature off at any time. The location information transmitted via check-in is geolocation information of a relevant common leisure point.


Legal provisions

We know that the use of personal data is a major problem for the social network users, therefore we have developed this Privacy Policy (PP LMU) at LOOKMEUP, so that you know how we use personal information (personal data). This Policy comes into action every time you use the mobile LOOKMEUP Service and functions together with our Term of Use of LOOKMEUP (Term of Use LMU). By using LOOKMEUP website and/application, you agree with the Privacy Policy and authorize your personal information to be collected, stored, used and distributed in accordance with this Policy.

LOOKMEUP reserved the right to alter the Privacy Policy at any time without a prior notification, therefore, please review this section occasionally to stay tuned with how we use your information.



How can I change my Profile?

You can change information about yourself in the Profile at any time. Immediately upon the registration, you can review your information in the Profile and change any of these items:

  1. Contact e-mail address;
  2. Profile, photographs, parameters and interests;
  3. Location city and country; and
  4. Other sections you have filled.

If any information about you has changed, please update it by logging into your account and following prompts on the display. We strongly recommend you to change the password regularly to reduce the risk of an unauthorized access to your user account.

Users may, in certain jurisdictions and in compliance with the current legislation, demand an access to the personal information about them by asking for a copy of their information stored on our files (where it is permitted by law, we may charge a small fee for it). Please make your demand in writing by filling a form in Feedback section of the Settings of the mobile LOOKMEUP application or in the Contacts section at


Can I deactivate or delete my Profile?

LOOKMEUP Users that want to delete their account from our database can send a message via the Feedback form in the Settings of the mobile LOOKMEUP application or in the Contacts section at

If you want to discontinue using your account, it will be deactivated first. It means that no user will be able to find you in the application or on the website, while still being able to see your profile from the direct cached links. We retain your Profile in case you decide to restore your account. Many users deactivate their accounts for temporary reasons and, correspondingly, expect us to retain information about them by the time they return on LOOKMEUP.

To prevent misuse and/or misapplication of LOOKMEUP by a user whose account has been blocked or deleted, we retain ​​ information at our own discretion, as it can prove requisite to prevent an account’s repeated creation in violation of our Service Terms and to ensure that all laws and regulations are observed.

If you prefer, you can delete your user account on the Service by clicking on “Delete the user account” link on the page of the user account settings (the option will опция be activated starting November 01, 2016) or by contacting us via Feedback section of the Settings of the mobile LOOKMEUP application or in the Contacts section at If your user account is deleted, your profile, including the check-in history, received badges/stickers, user information you have submitted (as set forth in the Terms of service rendering) and any special offers you have received shall be deleted from LOOKMEUP Service. Taking into account specifics of LOOKMEUP operation support, it is possible that the above information is not deleted immediately and residual copies of your profile information or posts remain on the backup media for up to 90 (ninety) days.


How is information deleted from my user account?

You can delete/alter the content or information you have posted on the Service regarding your user account and profile using the Service. Moreover, you can send us a request to delete this data via Feedback in the Settings of the mobile LOOKMEUP application or in the Contacts section at Even after you delete the information from your user account or profile, the copies of this information may remain visible, depending on the extent to which this information was available to others, was otherwise distributed in accordance with our confidentiality setting or was copied or saved by other users. Deleted information can be stored on the backup media for up to 90 (ninety) days before it is deleted from our servers.


What happens if I do nothing?

If you have not entered your profile on LOOKMEUP for 12 months, we can delete your​​ profile in the course of our data cleanup process. Your LOOKMEUP profile shall not be subject to a transfer and in the instance of your death, all your rights for your profile or the contents of your user account shall be deleted.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy or any other information, please contact us via Feedback in the Settings of the mobile LOOKMEUP application or in the Contacts section at


Features of the Services

The Service includes a number of features that enable you to share your information with other people. In the “Frequently asked questions” section, we explain how these features function and how you can change the default settings. We recommend you to study it closely. Please do not forget that personal information you willingly submit while using certain features of the Service may be available to a wider LOOKMEUP community or be posted on LOOKMEUP website that is indexed by non-affiliated search engines.

We can render you a possibility to register on the Service by using your user account in social networks, such as Facebook. We do not control services of such networks or your profiles therein and we never change your confidentiality settings or establish any rules of your information’s use on such services. Responsibility for the above lies with you and providers of the social networks’ services and not with LOOKMEUP. We advise you to study all information and regulations in the relevant social networks to realize how they handle your personal information, before using any features concerning them that are available on the Service. We are not liable for any actions or errors of the social networks’ service providers or for your employment of any features whatsoever they provide.


Information transfer to business partners resulting from a change of owner and effected to protect the interests of LOOKMEUP and other parties:

  • Our partners. In addition to the circumstances of the information transfer mentioned above, we closely cooperate with a number of partners. In some instances, these companies sell you products, render services or special offers trough the Service. In other cases, LOOKMEUP sells products or renders services together with these companies. You will have no trouble determining that one of such companies is engaged in an operation you are performing. Please also note that we shall provide the interested company with a part of your personal information solely in a scope that is relevant to the operations in which it is participating.
  • Transfer of title for the company. In the instance where LOOKMEUP or a vast majority of its assets are transferred to another owner or where, highly unlikely, business operations of LOOKMEUP cease and a bankruptcy procedure commences, the user information is one of the assets to be purchased by the third party or be transferred into its ownership. By registering on LOOKMEUP Service, the User gives his/her consent to the above.
  • Protection of LOOKMEUP and other parties. Personal information is subject to disclosure whenever we sincerely believe that such disclosure is necessary to observe the laws (including laws outside the residence country); to  для исполнения или применения наших our Term of Use and other agreements; or to protects rights, property or safety of LOOKMEUP, our employees, our users or other parties. These measures include an information exchange with other companies or institutions (including companies and institutions located outside your residence country) in order to provide protection from fraudulent practices and to reduce default risks.


Communication via e-mail

By providing your e-mail address to us, you explicitly agree to receive e-messages from us. We may use e-mail to contact you and to send you information you have requested or information about other products and services that are developed or provided by our partners or us. If you have a user account on our Service and you do not want to receive any advertising messages or other communications from us via e-mail, please state it by entering your user account and making changes on the settings page or in the Settings tab. Please note that if you want to receive no official notifications from us (such as notifications regarding this Privacy Policy), your use of the Service will nevertheless be governed by these official notifications and your duty is to familiarize yourself with changes in such official notifications. LOOKMEUP uses mailings to make the Service more interesting, useful, efficient and safe for you and for other users.


Text messages

If you provide your telephone number to us and agree to receive messages, LOOKMEUP or our service provider may send you messages at times using the autodialing system. These may include advertisements and system announcements about new features and updates on our Service. A fee shall be charged for sending regular messages and transmitting data. You are not obliged to agree to receive messages to use our application or other services. You can opt out from receiving our text messages by following guidelines set forth in a message or guidelines from the “Frequently asked questions” section.


Cookie files and similar technologies

Same as our agents, we use various technologies, including cookie files, pixels and a local storage of your browser or device, and ID numbers (including those provided by your browser or device or by software platform designers) on our website, in our e-messages and in our applications in order to provide a range of products and services to the user. You can control the use of cookie files in the browser settings and by means of other tools. You can find supplementary information, including that regarding cookie file types and similar technologies LOOKMEUP uses, in the Term of Use LOOKMEUP employs in the section about cookie files. By continuing using our Service on your PC or mobile device, you give us a permission to use cookie files, pixels and a local storage in compliance with this Privacy Policy and Term of Use of LOOKMEUP.

We may cooperate with advertisers or other partners and providers of advertising services to offer you, on our Service or websites and mobile applications of third parties, such advertisements that can interest you, as we estimate based on your possible interests, location and interaction with our Service.

Due to the above, we, our partners and suppliers of advertising services receive information via our Service, independent websites and applications, and various advertising exchanges, platforms and networks, including an exchange of advertising tools on independent websites and applications, directly or in a cooperation with other partners and suppliers of advertising services. This information can include the data about your activities on the Services or independent websites and applications, including the data obtained via a browser, OS or a device (including a web-address of a page you have visited, an address of the website from which you go to this page and the one where you go afterwards, and time and date of all these activities; information about the browser and its settings; information about the OS, device model and mobile provider; location information; IP addresses; ID numbers of mobile devices and advertising IDs, such as Apple IDFA or Google-assigned advertising ID; and information about cookie files, pixels and similar technologies).

We combine the said information with demographic data, location data and information on your interests together with information from cookie files of third parties to provide our customers with services – for instance, to give them tools to demonstrate targeted advertisements to the users, including various devices of the same user, and tools to enable them to evaluate the advertising campaigns’ efficiency (for instance, we use the information we have collected to determine the probability of some cookie files or other having been collected from a PC and a mobile device that belong to the same user, and we can use this data to provide advertising analytics or other services). Moreover, we use the information we obtain from our API or SDK utilized in the third-party applications to determine whether the same individual uses other third-party applications on the same mobile device where our API or SDK are utilized. We may share this information with advertisers or other partners and suppliers of advertising services in order to provide advertisements and to measure the advertisements’ efficiency in a regular course of business. We may also transmit this information to the advertising partners of other parties in a generalized form, as information about the users’ segment share. We shall store the information we have obtained until your user account on the Service is active or until this information is required for rendering advertising services. Regardless of any above provisions to the contrary, we shall retain and use information, if it is required for performance of our legal obligations, conflict resolution and fulfillment of our agreements.


How to opt out

Users that are registered on the Service may opt out from receiving interest-based advertising from LOOKMEUP outside LOOKMEUP Service on their mobile device by using DAA “AppChoices” application available here:

In addition, to learn how you can opt out from receiving interest-based advertising from our independent advertising partners outside LOOKMEUP Service and to learn about interest-based advertising in depth and to find out how to opt out from advertising from other web companies, you can visit Network Advertising Initiative website at: or Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) website at: Moreover, in some versions of OS iOS, you can set “Restriction of advertisement tracking” in the system settings and some versions of OS Android allow to “Opt out from interest-based advertising” in the system settings.

Opt-out on various devices. You must finish the opt-out process on all devices and browsers you use. After the opt-out, we do not use the information obtained from a specific browser or device for service rendering. It means that if you effect an opt-out from one device, we will not be able to connect this device with another device or a browser on another device. Please find more detailed information here: Currently, we do not consider DNT (“do not track”) signals or similar mechanisms. We adhere to the Self-governing principles of the Internet advertising union for online behavioral advertising.


Will any changes be made in the Privacy Policy?

LOOKMEUP may make changes in this Privacy Policy at times. The use of the information we collect is governed by the Privacy Policy that is in force during the use of this information. When making material changes in the procedure of the Personal information use, we shall inform you by posting a notice on our Service or by sending you an e-mail message. When using the Service, any changed provisions of the Privacy Policy become compulsory for the users within 30 days after new versions of PP LMU and Term of Use LMU are posted on


What if I have any questions or problems?

If any question or problems arise that concern confidentiality in the scope of the Service use, please kindly send us a detailed letter at or We will do our best to settle your issues.


The latest revision date of this Privacy Policy is September 07, 2016.